Professor Werner Kollath

He coined the phrase full nutritional value (Vollwert in German) and lived by it. He is the renowned German nutritionist Professor Werner Kollath (1892 – 1970).

It was Werner Kollath who first voiced the demand, leave our food in as natural a state as possible. He was one of the first scientists to realise that processing and heating destroys many valuable nutrients we need for healthy growth and cell renewal.

He differentiated between untreated, natural foods and processed, denaturalised foods. He went on to develop a revolutionary method which allowed cereals and some pulses to be preserved without the use of chemicals or by overheating. As a result, many cereal flakes as well as soya flakes keep their nutrients for longer. These would normally be lost due to oxidation of their vital components.

In honour of its inventor, the method is called the Kollath method (collatieren® in German for which Zwicky hold the registered trademark). A modern diet should be as full of nutritional value as it should be enjoyable and flavoursome and give us as varied a menu as possible: without additives, with all its vital components intact and, above all, with oodles of flavour!

The blood sugar level as a reflection of performance capacity

Breakfast of Kollath muesli: consistent performance level, no hunger pangs

Toast and marmalade: a quick rise followed by a quick drop in blood sugar levels

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